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Normally displayed when a Male is wearing short- shorts, devoid of underwear, and his genitalia proceeds to sneak through the leg holes
I was out doing some yardwork, it was hotter than hell, my ball cleavage was definitely showing
by Jon Himself March 13, 2003
When you slightly expose your testicles leaving space between each ball, then lightly pressing your inner thighs, thus simulating fuzzy tits!
Hey, Sausage.... Can I please see your ball cleavage? I really need to cum today!
by MythicalSausage! June 13, 2015
Wherein people of the male species can wear what I have coined as “Man Slings” which allows the testicles to hang from the front of ones pants but slightly pushed up and together as to create a cleavage type look as a new way to entice the female species.
"Good Lord!" says Lani "Look at the Ball Cleavage on that guy!"
by Jacob Housman November 23, 2004
The cleavage displayed by a woman who has received a bad boob job. The breasts look like two baseballs inserted under her skin and there is a visible curve on the top of the breast.
That girl needs a new plastic surgeon. She obviously has ball cleavage.
by J. Lanphear January 20, 2004
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