india's entertainment industry
An Indian movie is made in baliwood.
by Joey September 06, 2004
The Indian movie industry . . a play on "Hollywood."
Damn, these baliwood movies are all in a different language. . .
by Brie September 04, 2004
The Indian version of "Hollywood", often referring to the music videos of that country.
I spent my afternoon chilling on the couch, watching Baliwood.
by CurryChild September 03, 2004
A very light woodtype, often used for builing boats and rafts.
Thor Heyerdahl built both Tigris, Ra and Kon-Tiki out of baliwood.
by Alphazaar September 03, 2004
Slang spelling of Bollywood, the film industry in Bombay(Mumbai), India.

Alt. The genre of songs produced/sung by Nitin Bali, a pop singer who remixes songs from old Bollywood films.
Have you checked out the new baliwood film?
by Baishampayan Ghose September 03, 2004
misspelling of "Bollywood", the Hollywood of India.
Hey, I just heard on Planet Bollywood that Mahesh Bhatt Plans To Make a Film On The Telgi Scam!
by psygirl September 02, 2004
The Indian equivalent of hollywood. The motion picture production epicenter of Inida.
Did you see that new Indian movie out of Baliwood?
by T.Gunn September 07, 2004
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