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22 definitions by Brie

RN is also a shortened version of Right Now. It's used when your too lazy to type.
"Sarah, your a ho like RN, kthx." -Brie
by Brie October 16, 2004
434 183
A flash of momentary stupidity.
"I had a blonde moment as I attempted to recall what that little boot-shaped country was called."
by Brie October 05, 2003
309 99
What People call Puerto Ricans.
or bori fo short
that bori is so damn fine.
I love boricuas
by brie April 02, 2005
338 219
Showing off the bling. Showing flashy, excessive jewelry.

Spanish slang (Puerto Rican )
Look at that boy showing off Blinblineo
by brie June 10, 2005
35 11
a style of dance specific to crackhead ravers in vancouver
everyone here is doing the vancouver hop
by brie August 06, 2003
18 6
A wide spead but mercifully shrinking illness. those who do have this nasty sickness try to convience themselves that everyone has it . If fact the majority of people may be fearful of diffrent people due to lack of knowledge , most just need the chance to know someone to realize that all people are basiclly the same .
I have not a racist bone in my body . Ask my asian grandmother , my black mother or my white husband .
by Brie February 02, 2005
132 121
means to shut up just replace for some reason by teens
DUDE!!! shet ep!
by brie July 27, 2003
9 6