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An imitation Hollywood, the main movie making place in India
I starred in a movie in Baliwood.
by Bza September 11, 2004
the indian version of hollywood films, except with singing.
and i think its spelled bollywood
by greeny September 08, 2004
The Indian version of Hollywood, where cheap musicals are made in abundance, all starring the same basic cast.
That movie is so crappy, it could have been made in Baliwood
by Lxk199 September 08, 2004
Cheezy version of Hollywood in India. Mass produces films that are known as crap in the US.
Damn, that movie was so bad, it looks like it came from baliwood.
by psa September 08, 2004
baliwood is the term given for the movie industry in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Raj is an actor in baliwood
by Steve September 08, 2004
The Indian equivalent of Hollywood, which actually puts out many more films per year; based in Bombay and New Delhi
They say that the Hollywood stars are hot, but check out Ishtar from Baliwood.
by Ø September 07, 2004
A take off of "hollywood", a non-derogatory term that refers to the movie-making machine that is India.

Any movie coming out of India may be described as coming from Baliwood, but Indian films seem to have a couple things in common - elaborate sets and costumes, and musical number.
Watch the Simpson's episode where Apu shows the Simpsons a film from India, and you'll get an idea of Baliwood.
by Jimbo September 07, 2004