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A superior brand of toilet paper, famous for its cleaning capabilities of removing excess fecal matter from the rectum after defacating. It also has many other uses such as wiping vaginal blood, cleaning up after masturbation, and can even be used as kindling for a camp fire.
Make sure you bring enough Koran for your camping trip.
by tinklemint September 16, 2006
An art associated with necrophilism, that involves making a corpse mysteriously vanish without a trace, after committing a lude act with it.
"After having sex with his dead victim, Jeffrey Dahmer said, 'abbracadaver', making the corpse disappear."
by Tinklemint September 06, 2004
A Filipino immigrant who likes to stand on top of the Marriott and drop frozen hot dogs on midgets.
"That baliwood really scared my vertically challenged friend."
by Tinklemint September 05, 2004
When sitting in a bathtub, you pull a fly's wings off, and let the wingless fly crawl around on the tip of your penis, which is protruding out of the water.
"I was so bored that I did a Gilligan's Island in the bathtub.
by Tinklemint July 30, 2004
A man who many thought to be very brave until he decided to apologize for remarks about the Islamic faith that were very true. This apology proved Mr. Ratzinger, aka Pope BenedictXVI, a complete coward.
"The Muslims are attacking! Where's Pope Benedict XVI? Oh wait. He's hiding!"
by tinklemint September 25, 2006

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