baliwood is the combo of ballys and hollywood
White Dude:I went to the ballys in hollywood!

Black Dude: snap Yo, cracker mean baliwood!
by Doug September 07, 2004
any wood from the islands of Bali.
Person 1: "Wow Bill thats a beautiful wooden table, what wood is it?"
Person 2: "Baliwood"
by bin September 02, 2004
Often spelled Bollywood... The Indian entertainment industry; the name is meant to imitate Hollywood. Most of the movies and performances are very musical.
Dude! Let's watch Channel 28 again so we can see that hot chick that always leads dances in the Bollywood movies!
by Christopher Caldwell September 01, 2004
The word used to define the movie industry in India. Derived from "Hollywood", combined with the "Bali" from the Bali Film Commission, which has both coined and copyrighted the term.
All these actors are indian... and I can't understand a word they're saying... it must've been made in Baliwood!
by Badger August 31, 2004
India's version of Hollywood, where almost all of their movies are made.
A lot of terrible movies come out of Baliwood.
by Askari August 31, 2004
referrs to the Indian cultures' movie boom that happened in 80's. A huge number of low budget low quality films made in India during this time period. The were mostly musicals and called Baliwood as a prop to Indipop.
Those crazy chicks in those Indipop films made baliwood famous.
by Mouth August 31, 2004
Cheesey Ass Indian version of Hollywood.
"Say Punjab, let us be checking out that latest Baliwood flim!"
by Bill Toddler September 11, 2004

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