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The act of making cabbage.
Damnit, Eric, if you don't shut up I'm gonna rollinsify you.
by piro May 17, 2003
The act of masturbation, especially following a visit to church camp.
Bryce went 12 days, but then he had to reset the tally.
by piro May 18, 2003
Spalding Hall is a building at UHM. By acting lost and trying to find Spalding Hall, the phrase "Excuse me, can you direct me to spalding hall?" quickly became the lamest pickup line ever.
{the scene: Saturday, midday. Carrying stuff from the store, obvious heading back to dorms.}

Me: Chino, check out that girl up there, she's pretty fine, eh?

{girl is hot, but obviously older and she is clearly standing closely/clinging onto a guy that is her boyfriend}

Chino: yeah.

{walk past girl, chino stops}

Chino: excuse me, can you direct us to spalding hall?

Girl: ....Uhhh? Spalding...umm, I don't know. Maybe you could ask the bookstore?

Chino: Nah, I'll just keep on wandering!

{Girl looks confused, Chino continues walking.}

Me: what.
by piro August 26, 2004
Getting a hardon from chicks you see in Bali.
That balinese chick totally gave me some crazy baliwood.
by piro September 03, 2004
She's a tgfkatn.
by piro November 21, 2003
An alternative name for the country/territory known as "Prussia."

"Yeah, that's hilarious abe, you can do that for anything that starts with P. Seriously, you're retarded. What about Paul? Pussy-aul?" - Me

"HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHATHATSFUNNY" - Fat Lames (I'm serious, he cracked up. he's a goddamn moron.)
by piro May 22, 2004
tgfkatn The girls who used to be called the nips, or nick's bitches. However, following Nick's overall lack of control and Hunter's "whoops told them they were nips" dialogue, they are now disbanded and known as the girls formerly known as the nips.

Also, nearly all (if not all) are bitter at Hunter. Forgive and forget, ladies.
"Nick, we should go do some archery this weekend." "With who?" "You know, that girl, the ni.... the girl formerly known as a nip."
by piro November 21, 2003

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