To have sex or unprotected sex; also a term describing a female that you would like to have sex/unprotected sex with.
Did you baldhead that girl you met at the club last night?

Did you wear a rubber or did you baldhead her?

Do you see that girl over there? I would love to baldhead her.

by 5P4Life March 14, 2008
Top Definition
in rastafarianism, the term baldhead refers to someone who is not rasta. also someone who is generally an outsider. also someone who is generally considered 'square' or uncool. also used as term for bad racist white person.
'we gonna chase them crazy baldheads right out of town' - bob marley
by rosebud February 10, 2004
In Rastafarianism, a baldhead refers to anyone who conforms to common Western standards of hair styling. This is because the short, clean-cut look is often representative (in their eyes) of someone who has adopted a colonial, materialistic and spiritually-bankrupt worldview.

In contrast, a person who grows their hair out, such as into an afro or dreadlocks, is representative (in their eyes) of someone who has let go of obsession with external, physical appearances and turned their attention inward, into the spiritual realm.
"I have never seen the image of a bald head Jesus yet.
He is a humble and dreadlocked Nazarene man, look in yourselves and try to understand
Why you've never seen the image of a bald head Jesus yet."

- Bunny Wailer (Baldhead Jesus)

"Jah would never give the power to a baldhead
Run come crucify the Dread. "

- Bob Marley (Time Will Tell)
by Ishvara September 13, 2012
A Rasta label for one who is too caught up with the evil system—Babylon. Also is anyone who is a non-dreadlocks; usually white people.
Dat bwoy betta stop conversing wit em bald heads.
by Miguel April 13, 2004
In Rastaspeak, someone who is ignorant or not in touch with the ways of Jah; A bumbaclot
Mzo is an ignorant bald-head
by daveisok June 04, 2009
A person who generally doesn't care about shit, and commonly refuses to pay for things. It also is a way to identify yourself as confident, bold, and stubborn.
Brad: Bro! You only got 10 minutes to make it across campus!

Marshall: Boy, I got a baldhead, I'll make it there in 5.

Mark: You really drank the last of Tommy's beers? You got a baldhead!

Jeff : mmhmm, I know
by Michael Knight January 21, 2016
Obviously someone who doesn't have a lick of hair on his head.
A baldhead asked me out last night but I was busy washing my hair.
by Valinda November 01, 2006
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