shaved penis. The art of shaving the top area of the pubic hair but leaving the edges of pubic hair leading to the inner thigh to resemble wings and your penis being the torso of the eagle.
I got a wicked itch after i turned my dick into a bald eagle.
by TheBaldOne69 June 15, 2010
Getting a male or female to shave their head then give you a blow job
K Fed got Brittney to shave her head so he could get a bald eagle.

- Demmi Moore in G.I. Jane
- Sinead O'Connor on SNL
by Blow Holes January 13, 2009
When you shave your hair and shove your face and head in a pussy.
bald eagle that bitch!
by koolaidftw April 08, 2011
to go really fast like with nitro.
dood you really bald eagled that turn, i can smell your tires burning!
by carnivipony September 27, 2010
Similar to a flying squirrel, a Bald Eagle occurs as you stretch your ballsack out by the edges while you get your salad tossed while simultaneously receiving a hand job from a girl kneeling in front of you.
Matt: I need to go out to the airport to catch a bald eagle.

Canon: Hope he's good looking...

Matt: (Punches Canon)
by mosh 54 February 09, 2010
a person who has no pubes
Matt dalton is a right bald eagle, he sucks himself off
by john May 14, 2003
A daring sex act, where the man takes a woman from behind, as she leans over a railing or windowsill. The man must shave her head ahead of time, so he can then cum on her bald head and shove her out of the window while yelling "PLAY FREEBIRD!!!"
hey bob, was that your wife i saw on the front lawn this morning?
yeah, had a good bald eagle session this morning heheh.
by sillybilly420 August 14, 2010

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