(Adjective) A compliment reserved for rare, amazing, or surprisingly awesome things, people or places.
My new diamond encrusted goblet is bald eagle.
#awesome #baller #amazing #sweet #dope #pimp #killer #boss #gold #perfect #best
by Brian Beedy March 12, 2009
sported by bounanno.
boob is sporting the BALD EAGLE nowadays!
by billy bob February 22, 2003
a hairless cok
that kids so young hes got a bald eagle
by Matt Jones February 22, 2003
Start by shaving a girl's head. Then a group of guys enact gang bukake on her. When all the guys have finished, cover her in dark feathers (the cum will make them stick)and throw the girl from a third storey window.
"Fat chicks don't make for a good bald eagle,"
"Yeah, too difficult to throw out a window!"
#bukake #cum #violence #prank #group bonding #peanut butter
by The King... February 07, 2008
Variation of the mullet, usually the result of having a ponytail throughout the 20's-30's and using a rubber band - resulting in being bald on the top whilst having mullet characteristics in the back.
Steve Howe (guitarist) is well on his way to sporting a bald eagle.
by beerfart September 17, 2003
The sex act in which the man shaves his partners head bald, and paints a target on the shaven region. He then has sex with the girl, and when he is about to bust, he pulls out, and the girl moves (at least) 15 feet from him. He then attempts to shoot his jizz on target. The closer to the bull's eye he gets, the more the guy can boast.
Yea, it was crazy, we did a Bald Eagle, and i got right on target.
#act #shaven region #bust #jizz #boast
by S-Bert August 23, 2006
A bagel that originally had toppings (sesame seeds, poppy seeds, etc) that has subsequently had all of the toppings brushed off before consumption.
I ordered a poppy seed, but the server brought me a bald eagle. WTF.
#bagel #seeds #breakfast #plain #poppy
by freedomFREEDOM September 29, 2015
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