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If a girlfriend cheats or wrongs a man in some extraordinary way, a bald eagle may be required as revenge. Deception is key here. The man has to manage to find his way into some make-up sex and get into the doggie style position. Just prior to ejaculation, the man grabs a hidden razor and shaves a nice patch or two of hair off of the girls head. When she turns around, cum in her face and say "I think we should see other people". Then get the hell outta there!
Did you hear how James left his wife? He bald eagled the bitch! Thats a cold motherfucker!
by Moose4413 January 06, 2009
12 36
the male equivalent of a cougar; an older man who seeks out young women
Jon is a bald eagle, always chasing after eagle scouts.
by JonTheGeek January 22, 2008
14 41
if the male places and penetrates the females vagina (the dudes head is in her vag)
MELLISSA SKELTY. BRIT BRUN bothe have bald eagles as pets.
by asdfghjkl12 July 20, 2009
1 29
(Adjective) A compliment reserved for rare, amazing, or surprisingly awesome things, people or places.
My new diamond encrusted goblet is bald eagle.
by Brian Beedy March 12, 2009
2 32
a prepubecent girl, having no hair on the genital region
That 12 year old is a bald eagle.
by The Birdwatcher March 23, 2003
64 94
sported by bounanno.
boob is sporting the BALD EAGLE nowadays!
by billy bob February 22, 2003
2 38
a hairless cok
that kids so young hes got a bald eagle
by Matt Jones February 22, 2003
13 49