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another word for stoner sept waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better
man that kids baked alllll the time hes a huge baker
by the great jmc April 16, 2006
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if you are a baker, you LOVE to smoke weed. you are pretty much high or confused 24/7, but somehow manage to keep on living.
wow that kid is such a baker.
by junksauce February 14, 2008
Someone that always smokes weed. A stoner gets stoned just like a baker gets baked.
That kid always smokes weed, what a baker!
by J-MAN3245 May 11, 2010
One who eats nothing except Hamburgers, French Fries, and Dorittos.
That guy is going to die from malnutrition because he is a total Baker.
by floyd barber April 23, 2011
To develop a close or intense relationship after six months and then rip apart said relationship.
I see that you are emotionally attached to me, now is the time that I will Baker your ass and tell you that you mean nothing to me. I leave in a few hours.
by Alex [M] October 05, 2011
A person who frequently partakes in chicken lickin.
That guy is baker.
by Big Colonol April 16, 2009
The ultimate champion of sniffing bike seats. Could also be described as the action of sniffing a seat. Originating in the mid 1980's the Baker is the pinnacle of sniff techniques.
I'm gonna Baker the shit out of that bike seat!
by Burgerboyz May 28, 2014

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