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if you are a baker, you LOVE to smoke weed. you are pretty much high or confused 24/7, but somehow manage to keep on living.
wow that kid is such a baker.
by junksauce February 14, 2008
much like zomg, zomfkg just adds a couple letters that represent fukking. used by many in the now-dead game of sof2.
do0d like ZOMFKG tahts so l33t!!
by junksauce February 14, 2008
a delicious and spicy metaphorical sauce that only should be used when describing major douchebags or assholes.
"wow that douchebag is a fail sauce. he deserves death."
by junksauce February 17, 2008
used to ask if someone has an issue with you, as if to say "is there a problem here?"

use only when dealing with complete noobs.
you got beef? ill take u out son

by junksauce February 14, 2008
A white male from Alabama who believes that because he voted for Obama, he can never be considered a racist ever again.
"I used to take part in public lynchings, but since I voted for Obama I am now an ALOBAMA MAN!!!!"
by junksauce November 08, 2008

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