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A word used to describe a myriad of objects and concepts but often mistaken for a sex organ.
Hey Abbey did your mom take a picture of your bajanga? WHAT?!
by Jefferson October 05, 2002
AKA Love Bajongas. You know those perfect sized ta-tas and titties that bounce perfectly.
Damn girl rub on those ... love bajangas!!!!!
Eff!! I would love to get all up in those love bajongas and shove my rod all over them.
by Bill Clinton aka Holla here November 06, 2005
Female sex organ, vagania
Man that chick had a NASTY bajanga.
The girl started to moan when I rubbed her bajanga
by Cliff October 05, 2002
A word with unversal meaning, it can be used in place of any other word in the english dictionary.
That chick went totally bajangas on her boyfriend.
by superman2003 February 14, 2011
a multi-source word used to describe an aray of things
omg look at that bajanga! hey will you hand me the bajanga! dude look at his huge bajanga!
by abigail October 05, 2002
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