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A man or boy who loves another man's butt, and wants to 'get in that.'
Chris is a butt pirate!
by abigail March 23, 2005
a cool way to reply to sudden things
(cat starin at you) SHA BANG BANG
( someone comes up behind you and yells) SHA BANG BANG
its usually used in a loud boisterous tone
by abigail October 05, 2002
giz ( joy juice ) or ne thing that gets on you or on something
oh damn, i got splooge all over me! haha jeff blew his load on the table and its got splooge all over!
by abigail October 05, 2002
Of or pertaining to stringy, tangled hair, yarn, or other string.
Gwen Stefani's klitzy hair is atrocious.

Look at your klitzy kite string! It got stuck in a tree!

My klitzy yarn doesn't knit well.
by Abigail December 04, 2003
a multi-source word used to describe an aray of things
omg look at that bajanga! hey will you hand me the bajanga! dude look at his huge bajanga!
by abigail October 05, 2002
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