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11 definitions by Jefferson

Used to describe an unexpected orgasm.
"Jenny thought you were really hot. I think she creamed her pants."
by Jefferson October 05, 2002
344 95
A new fighter built by Lockheed Martin. The F/A-22 Raptor will be have an internal weapons bay and be able to reach the speed of sound without using after burners.
The F/A-22 will dominate the skys when released.
by Jefferson January 01, 2004
85 16
A word used to describe a myriad of objects and concepts but often mistaken for a sex organ.
Hey Abbey did your mom take a picture of your bajanga? WHAT?!
by Jefferson October 05, 2002
21 7
Broadcasting targeted for an iPod or other portable media device by creating audio files for copying or pushed distribution. Podcast is both a noun and a verb.
Jefferson enjoys listening to technical articles now that he loads his iPod with podcast files every morning.
by Jefferson March 26, 2005
76 64
Generally referred to as a large amount of something, especialy money.
"A butt-load chad? How much is a butt-load? Da Doug! 1000 Dollars. Based on the fact this one time I shoved 5 dollars up my butt and I know I could fit way more up there. Way more! Easy!
by Jefferson October 05, 2002
11 12
The best Porsche of all time
I bought a 1995 Porsche 928 GTS, and driving it is better than sex
by Jefferson January 02, 2004
16 25
Something that was bound to make it big,like in Vegas, but failed.
How about that ad-agency? Nah, that was just a Dead Elvis.
by Jefferson August 25, 2004
2 12