When the police (or courts) release you on the condition that you adhere to a set of strict rules e.g Don't leave the country, don't do whatever you did in the 1st place again etc, and also that you appear to answer your bail at a location selected by the police/courts i.e your nearest police station

Failure to do so, or "to breach your bail" would result in a warrant been issued for your arrest
Scott - "Shit, I gotta go man. My bail coditions say I'm not allowed to be any where near you an the police are over there"

Dan - "You best get the fuck out of here then mate"
by Dr Do-Not-Alot April 08, 2010
To leave or ditch (a place or person), usually implying that you leave someone else to get screwed or to be alone (or in trouble). It often is used to describe a revoke of a pledge to do something or be somewhere.
- Where did Jason go?
- I don't know, man! We got busted, and he totally bailed and left us alone to get screwed!

- Man, John is such a dick! He was going to lend me a $50 and meet us at the club, but he bailed and completely bitched out!
by Mechanic1d March 17, 2014
A word that is used to abruptly cut off one's own story or statement before its completion due to boringness or irrelevance. Often used during a story that is important to the speaker that no one else cares about.

Can also be used (somewhat rudely) to effectively stop someone else's story/statement before it gets any worse.

* It should be noted that once the bail has occurred, the story is finished. The speaker may not go back to it (until they make it more interesting or relevant) and no questions may be asked about the story by the listeners.
Mike: "Yeah one time I was getting gas for my car and it was so cold outside and all I had was my emo jacket that's so thin it probably lowers my temperature rather than keeps me warm..." (blank or confused faces of listeners) Mike: "... ok BAIL." (sighs of relief)

Mike: "Yeah one time I was lifeguarding at the indoor pool and it was really humid inside... I can't remember if I was asleep or not...but I think something happened.."
Me: "I'm bailing for you."
Mike: (sullen) "Thank you."
Nice person who feels sorry for Mike: "What happened at the pool? I want to know."
Mike: "It's ok, I bailed."
by me Mike D April 10, 2006
to fall, especially in a painful, embarassing, public way
I was in the cafeteria with my lunch tray when I tripped on my heels and bailed in front of everyone.
by Alyson November 03, 2004
verb- used in conversation to stop someone from talking or to end oneselfs bad story
"so this one time we went to a party (sees that no one is listening)uhhh bail"

"ok mike im going to do this as a favor to you and your sad story...BAIL"
by Allen M April 30, 2006
(pronounced: ba-les)
small weird creature, usually has long hair, big lips and is known to be quite the swimmer, similiar looks to the fish.

pro's: can suck well with larger lips
con's: smells like semen

often refferred to as: slimey, slut, ganga
can NEVER be described as: cool, clean, normal
he sucked me like a little bails
by mumammammamamama September 27, 2009
To mess up or fail
Steve: Sorry mate, I just knocked your pint over.
George: You bailed.

Boss: You didn't get those facts and figures to me when I needed them.
George: Yeah, I know, I bailed.
by Alice Furse June 09, 2007

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