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Someone able to open a safe without the combination. A safe cracker.
If we're going to get the loot out of that state-of-the-art safe, we're going to need a top-notch box man.
by KevintheOH September 12, 2006
To take control of a location and those therein, often using violence and under government authority, e.g. by police or federal agents.
The C.I. said this is where they keep the stash. Let's roust 'em.

The cops rousted the shit out of Jeff's house when they found out he was dealing.
by KevintheOH September 12, 2006
To draw on one's courage, usually in preparation for a daring or difficult test.
If you really like the girl, just ball yourself and ask her out.

"I am going to go in there and kick the shit out of that asshole."
"Ball yourself."
by KevintheOH September 12, 2006
1. To commit wholeheartedly to a goal, usually drawing on all of one's courage.

2. To bring players forward in an attack-oriented formation in soccer.
1. Stop dreaming about telling your boss to fuck off. Just penis up and do it.

2. We're down 4 goals with 15 minutes left. Now is the time to penis up.
by KevintheOH September 12, 2006
a relatively large amount.
We caught an ass of fish.
by KevintheOH September 12, 2006
to fight (primarily Southern).
If I see that asshole talking to Betty Sue again, I'm going to bail on him.
by KevintheOH September 12, 2006
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