A stunning, weird and freaking awesome friend that you will ever have. She may not be responsible but she's loyal and can keep the deepest secrets. She may not be smart but she is kind of wise. And maybe those are the reasons I fell in love with her.
Bai is awesome!
Look what Bai made!
by shamalangggg April 21, 2013
Top Definition
short for 'bien tai', which in mandarin means perverted, deviant, abnormal.
dude why u gotta be so bai?
by smocata July 30, 2003
bastardization of 'Bye,' widely uttered by net whores and chodes
Chloe says:
g2g bai

Chimu says:
Speak english, biatch
by bastardized bottomburp March 23, 2003
a westcountry originating term for boy.
a statement for expressing ones excitement, enthusiasm, admiration or even happiness.

(someone has done something impressive)
by glen55wa February 28, 2011
1. a more efficient way of saying "farewell" and "fuck you"

2. an extremely effective word used to win any argument (best used when all other insults have been said + especially effective when said to parents)

3. an alternative way of saying "My name is ______. I'm __ years old, and I don't give a f*%k."

5. fruit juice full of antioxidants
Brett: You are a repellent, ball busting, fart taster.
Jake: Yeah, but yo mama is a revolting, heavily built, cock monkey.
Brett: BAI.
(Brett therefore wins the argument.)
by cusp February 10, 2011
Another way of saying "good-bye," or "bye."
Why it is spelled in such a way is beyond me, but it is catchy. The word bai is used in the famous internet phrase "kthxbai."
I have to go now, but ill see you later. Bai.
by Kylezors August 19, 2008
Slang substitution for "boy" used in the countryside around Northern Ireland. Usually used in a greeting,
Greeting- "Awrite, Bai?"

Further Examples, "I was in Starbuck last night, bai. One of the waitresses smiled at me and I says, "Awrite girl?" She says, "Awrite bai?"
by Whu Flung Dung December 27, 2009
A Filipino slang (Cebuano) meaning friend, pal, homeboy, homie, etc.
Sup Bai, how u doin'?
by Shahram Senerpida November 24, 2008
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