Mandarin word for white, not perverted
you seem very Bai today
by kfjbjkncf,amsnh June 11, 2009
Often used in Cork Ireland as another word for boy. It is literally the word "boy" but is pronounced "bye" because of the Cork accent.
It can be used in a friendly manner or to confront someone.
Hey bai, how goes it then?

Listen bai, I'm not to tell you again, stop eyeing my bjor, alright?
by Pilot O'Mally November 25, 2006
1.guyanese "boy."
2.just a boy.
wah gwan bai?? (what u doing boy?-da sounds really lame sayin it like da in american.)
by wun gyal October 04, 2003
Bye (as in goodbye) in Lojban (the logical language.)
bai miri,m

= bye Miriam
by lojban September 23, 2004
Maritime Slang; bai has many meanings, usually means good friend
ex. how she goin bai.
trans. hi how are you friend

ex. g'day bai
trans. good day man
by jimbojone June 01, 2004
Gujrati word for sister
how are you bai, only 4 gujis
by Pak April 12, 2005

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