where is my 'Bagdad?'
Asking ones father where ones bag is placed.
son: hey dad... you seen my bag?
dad: what son?... speak up!... i cant hear you?
son: *muffled* HAVE YOU SEEN my BAGDAD?
dad: somewere in Iraq isnt it?
by lipchin April 28, 2012
Top Definition
A small copper mining town in Arizona, that is in the middle of no where
I was born in Bagdad
Liar! Thats in Iraq!
It's in Arizona,Bagdad, not Baghdad
by Kzonfreak March 11, 2005
Used to desribe an extremely messy place, usually associated with a bedroom.
Dude this room is a mess! It's Bagdad in here.
by Jmeccs November 29, 2007
A spoonerism for "Dads Bag".
"Hey Nobhead, how do you know how to do that?"
"Bagdad !!!"
"What do you mean - Bagdad?"

"I was doin' this in Bagdad when you were in Dads bag"
by nobhead January 17, 2008
Horrible, Bad, Extremely lame.
Aw man, its all bagdad right now.
by Kendall Leanne September 11, 2009
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