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clitical mass: to peform above and beyond the call of pleasure bound duty.
I flicked and licked that bean so hard she hit clitical mass and made my chin wet.

(i just love adding to this site and making shit up that sounds logical xD)
by lipchin April 28, 2012
lumpy stringy chunks of man seed. when one has'nt blown one's load in a while. Irregular exercise in the art of masturbation.
Man my balls ache! its been so long since i last exercised my right to relieve myself, you should of seen it, it was grim, Spafgetti chunks everywere.
by lipchin April 28, 2012
where is my 'Bagdad?'
Asking ones father where ones bag is placed.
son: hey dad... you seen my bag?
dad: what son?... speak up!... i cant hear you?
son: *muffled* HAVE YOU SEEN my BAGDAD?
dad: somewere in Iraq isnt it?
by lipchin April 28, 2012
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