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Horrible, Bad, Extremely lame.
Aw man, its all bagdad right now.
by Kendall Leanne September 11, 2009
A small copper mining town in Arizona, that is in the middle of no where
I was born in Bagdad
Liar! Thats in Iraq!
It's in Arizona,Bagdad, not Baghdad
by Kzonfreak March 11, 2005
Used to desribe an extremely messy place, usually associated with a bedroom.
Dude this room is a mess! It's Bagdad in here.
by Jmeccs November 29, 2007
A spoonerism for "Dads Bag".
"Hey Nobhead, how do you know how to do that?"
"Bagdad !!!"
"What do you mean - Bagdad?"

"I was doin' this in Bagdad when you were in Dads bag"
by nobhead January 17, 2008
where is my 'Bagdad?'
Asking ones father where ones bag is placed.
son: hey dad... you seen my bag?
dad: what son?... speak up!... i cant hear you?
son: *muffled* HAVE YOU SEEN my BAGDAD?
dad: somewere in Iraq isnt it?
by lipchin April 28, 2012