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green 10 oz tin can used for chapped conditions & treatment of irritated breasts.
For many years Bag Balm has been a girls best friend. I always take a can to Huntington Beach & give my girl friend a good bag balm rub mixed with sun tan oil !!! Love
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los March 25, 2007
Another word for a male's preejaculate, or "pre-cum." A woman will use the appearance of a man's Bag Balm as a green light in giving him oral sex. The Bag Balm is epecially helpful in the dark, when grazing your fingers over the head of a man's penis and feeling the slippery ejaculate between her fingertips, much like a grochery employee uses when bagging up shopping items.
"When I was hooking up with Jimmy last night, I reached down and felt his Bag Balm, so I proceeded to give him oral"
by shredqueen May 22, 2010

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