A moron who thinks he is smarter than others but cannot spell the word 'buffoon'
That bonehead wrote a letter to the newspaper calling Steve Jobs a 'bafoon'. How embarrassing would that be?
by Ilk's Club Member December 13, 2011
Top Definition
Fool, idiot, one who pretents to know something but does not.
Larry the bafoon claims to have fixed something that he knows absolutely nothing about. He bafooned it.
by Anonymous August 19, 2003
A cross between a baboon and a babbling idiot.
ccnncc99 is a bafoon
by Major Chrome December 14, 2003
Misspelling of buffoon,which is synonymous with jackass - someone who behaves in a silly, possibly comedic, manner.
Larry was often labelled a bafoon after he tried diving into a pool of jam while dressed as a ninja turtle.
by Richie Rocks June 07, 2007
A small, pixie like creature. Generally has a phobia of their own, such as midgets.
Jodie; you're a f**king bafoon.
by RavingLezbo January 16, 2015
Dumbass dork brains, brains attached to their ass. An insult to baboons.
"I know that movie, the main character is that chick with the blonde hair" ......You bafoon!
by Me...the Inventor April 05, 2005
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