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when sleeping beside a lady and both the man and woman are naked, the man creeps behind the woman, and starts doing the deed. This is not a recommended practice.
Can you believe Kiwon pulled the midnight stealth on Liana? That bitch freaked...
by Geraldo February 16, 2005
Pulling your ass cheeks apart, placing your unblinking brown eye on a sleeping persons nose.
Dave awoke with muffled scream under Kelly's waffle bill.
by Geraldo September 11, 2003
A large buttox.
Dat gurl got a BUDUNKADUNK!
by Geraldo March 27, 2003
someone who wants to appear whore like, but is actually a prude
Denise showed off her new tattoo in true madonna-whore complex fashion, but went home alone... again.
by Geraldo September 11, 2003
An ugly ass last name usually associated with ugly people with gay parents. They drive volvos and nissans.
That kid is sooo ugly i bet his last name is Eubanks, his parents are probably gay and drive a volvo or a nissan.
by Geraldo June 16, 2006

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