A booty that make you say "DAMMMMMMN". Booty so big each cheek be bouncin when the ho walk.
That girl got badonkadonk
by JCPhoreal July 26, 2003
A massive ass on a small woman.
Junk in the trunk.
An exceptionally rotund ass.
A fat, succulent derriere that brings tears to ones eyes.
An extra nice butt, bubble butt, or hot booty.
A large and formidable posterior found predominantly in African American and Latino women and occasionally in Caucasian women.
See Also: Ghetto Booty
"Norvia has a fabulous badonkadonk!"
by flygirla November 21, 2012
The motion of a fine, fine booty.
That girl has got some badonkadonk going on.
by fix that stick December 02, 2009
a term used for a girl with a big booty
Cot damn!look at dat badonkadonk!
by GhettoLatina May 12, 2003
Big meaty asscheeks that are so sexy that you just wanna spank 'em n kiss 'em n cum on 'em. Always used as prime stroke off material.
My old girlfriend Ruthie S. had quite the badonkadonk....I used to stroke off to it several times daily, even at work!
by Dave February 06, 2004
A fat ass, big booty.
Yo Beyonce got a badonkadonk!
by Jason Williams jr November 19, 2003
another word for PHAT ass... which means having a large bottom
Damn..... she gotta a BA-DONK-A-DONK
by FLYY PHATTY GIRLS March 31, 2003

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