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(noun) A large and formidable posterior
Denise does not need a car, she can bounce home on her badonkadonk.
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
F.U.C.K. A clever way not to say fuck. From the song "If You See Kay" by The Script. See also If You Seek Amy
If you see my friend,
Doesn't matter where or when.
Tell me if you see Kay.
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
(noun) A woman considered attractive for everything but-her-face
From accross the Sizzler, she looked good. But up close, Denise proved to be a butterface.
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
(abreviation) of totally
For real, we thought Denise was drinking Vodka, but it was totes paint thinner. During the funeral, I just about lolled!
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
1. Penis. Popularised by the Lady GaGa song "Love Game"
Let's have some fun, this beat is sick.
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.
by Scheissemann May 11, 2009

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