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2 definitions by Cret

An ass of Goddess quality. Absolute ambrosia level ass, off the international 'Bootyscale'. Hell yeah!

CANNOT be a skinny assed ass under any circumstances.
"Hey gangster Bernie! Checkout that Badonkadonk ass over there right next to the baxketball court!"
by Cret January 23, 2004
676 320
1) Adjective used to describe something beyond cool or extreme quality, and off the scale of bodaciousness. Deserving of mucho respect.
2) Something dropped by DJ Tim Westwood on a regular basis.
1)"Hell yeah Gangster Orville! That shit was so the BOMB!"
2)"Yeah baby it's all goin' off! Drop the bomb!" (cue classic bomb sound effect)
by Cret January 23, 2004
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