look at this, it's funny as hell but it's true- savepeter.blogspot.com
go to the site fellow
by billy March 26, 2005
badonka donk is when you've got a girl, her legs are on the mantel, and you scream skank'D into her nose. No really. It is. i saw it on TV once. Honestly. BADONKA DONK!
When something excites you and gives you chills, you shout "badonkadonk"
by Davin December 06, 2004
sound of tapping a big member on a lady's forehead, especially if she's got a c-section scar
'uuugh I feel a bit dizzy....you just badonkadonked me'
by Asstricks April 07, 2003
*hot guy walks into room* Ba-Donka-Donk!
by Stonefox May 26, 2003
The males genital parts.
He go thit in his badonkadonk
by john May 09, 2004

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