A festively plump Italian boy
Dan, you're fat, WHY???
by Haracio De La Sanchez April 19, 2005
a word that describes an attractive woman or her lady parts. It is said that Badge originated from hearing the word "Vag" incorrectly.

It is suitable to be used in the presence of certain company when other words may not be.
Unlike "Vagina", Badge can not apply to ugly or undesirable women, only sexy ones.
"Twelve O'clock, take a look at that bit of Badge!"

"Hey Freddy, how'd you go last night on your date? Did you get any Badge?"

'"How did she look in the light? Still Badge?"
"No unfortunately, she was actually a bit of a Bog-Rat once i could see her properly but i still smashed her"'
by Rexx Danger September 23, 2010
Something Mexican Bandits with awesome sombreros don't need.
Badges? What badges? We don't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't need to show you any stinking badges!
by Ford Leiden December 28, 2009
Adjective to describe something unsatisfactory, bad or just down right shit.
For the more extreme shitness, see biadge

Origin: East London

Person 1: What did u think of that film?
Person 2: Badge.

That shirt is badge.
by Chappelle3000 April 27, 2006
1. overstated style via clothes and/or accessories.
2. wearing one's ideology on their sleeve.
Nice MC5 shirt... BADGE!
Contrary to some beliefs, badge is not a secondary word for Vagina, but instead, the anus. It's shortened from 'rusty sheriffs badge'.
'Oi, John, check out the badge on that. Badge, John, Badge'
by Badgeman October 24, 2006

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