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Audaciously badass.
Do you believe the badassity of that kid? He just lit up a cigarette in the middle of health class!
by Joe Nappi March 05, 2008
Of or having anything to do with kicking ass or generally being badass.

Hs no known detailed rating system, but it's widely accepted that anything with a higher badassity rating than something with a lower badassity rating kicks the latter's ass into next Thing.
Masturbating to lesbians has a high badassity rating.
by Vinic March 31, 2003
A rating system used to determine how badass something is, on a scale of 0-10.
Dude 1: Hey man, what was the BADASSITY of that hick's mullet?
Dude 2: I'd have to give it a 7. Could've been a 9 if he feathered the top a bit more.
by Cleveland Ass Jake December 02, 2007
the quality of being a complete badass. in other words, the essence of badass.
in reference to something/someone:
that/he/she is pure badassity.
by mischamischa April 09, 2008
The level of a how badass a person is. It can range from not very to off the chain.
Yo, Alec's badassity is through the roof.He just ripped that piece of paper.
by Hucklebury Finn February 12, 2011
1) The quality of being bad ass with obvious truth, reason or sound judgement

2) That which is bad ass; a bad ass action
Using a cutthroat razor is some serious badassity.
by dimstain July 09, 2014
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