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The quality of being bad-ass.
"My badassitude knows no bounds, biatch!" (quickly followed by a bitchslap)
by Muffy Spink April 17, 2006
1. Possessing a particularly Badass nature.
2. The quality of being a badass.
3. The degree to which one is a badass.
1. Guy 1: "That action movie with Jet Li fighting himself was AWESOME!"
Guy 2: "Yeah, it had quite a lot of Badassitude."

2. See: Chuck Norris

3. Dude 1: "Man, that Jack Bauer is pretty badass!"
Dude 2: "Yeah, but Chuck Norris has a much higher degree of Badassitude."
by YourMom42 August 06, 2008
The state of knowing you're right because you did the required research to justify it. - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Loudmouth: Dude, what do you mean the sun doesn't revolve around the earth? I can see it right now!

Researcher: Badassitude, fool.

Science, Neil deGrasse Tyson
by badass_science November 30, 2012
The condition of being a badass. Steve Mcqueen and Bruce Willis exemplify this condition. It is defined further by envy or fear of the alpha male status by the same sex, and unmitigated lust by the opposite sex.
Are you gonna see The Dark Knight? That Christian Bale has got badassitude to burn!
by StacattoPoet October 22, 2008
The size or magnitude of badass
A general unit of measure pertaining to badass.
John: What was the badassitude of that concert?!
Mike: Huge, dude. Huge.
by mikeyickey January 12, 2011
A marriage of the words "Badass" and "Attitude". Literally meaning the attitude cultivated by a badass.
I know you think you're tough, but don't mess with that guy. His badassitude is bigger than yours.
by MastaRoe July 03, 2011

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