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Classically Bad Ass. Of or pertaining to a level and style of bad assness that reminds one of the good old days.
As a 26 year old professional with a wife and kids, Tom thinks it is badassical to get together with his buds and play video games for twenty hours straight while consuming massive quantities of pizza and soda.
by Forrest Kyle October 03, 2005
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When something mythical, mysterious, and hella epic happens all at once.
As TF reached for his bottle of Rich and Rare he froze like a man caught fucking another man's woman. He blurted out "Holy shit this bottle's mascot is a unicorn with a dragon's tail, that is so badassical"
by joshrie August 05, 2010
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Like the word "Badasstic" only having a wider, more transferred semantic range of use.

Used in a video titled, “The Top Five Things With Which Jason Bourne Could Beat Your Ass” along with Badassery, Badassedness, Badassity, Badasstic, Badassitudinous, Badassitious, Mucho Badasstico, and Badassiticity
The way Jason Bourne used a book to beat that guy's ass just before killing him with a hand towel was nothing sort of Badassical.
by MastaRoe July 03, 2011
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