A badass is someone so sexy it hurts to look at them directly
Damn, did you see how hot Darlene looks today? She's such a badass
by abadass72 January 14, 2013
Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series.
See that badass over there with the crowbar kicking everyone's ass?
by Codybean1 November 13, 2010
Just One Word. Chuck Norris
Badass: Chuck Norris
by andrewlast March 24, 2006
Acronym for "Bring a Drink and Share Some". A friendlier version of BYOB.
Come to my party and be a BADASS!
by thugsb July 30, 2015
A character, male or female of such sheer awesomeness that does things that generally make those in his/her presence stare and gasp in awe.
The monster dove towards her, and with out even looking, she darted forward, placing a foot on the wall, flipping up and over the creature. At the apex of the flip, the sword in her hand lashed out, decapitating it. Blood spewed, but when she landed, not a drop of blood was on her. Why? It was her inherent badassery.
by thelegendarysupernerd September 07, 2012
a man who doesnt care what happens he chooses to go his own way even if it involves breaking a few rules.

insult- oh your badass now.
fake badass insult-man1- yo i just stole the a candy bar from that store

man2.......oh your badass now

bikers such ass hells angels are generally true badasses
by ragggrgrg May 09, 2009
Someone who is totally awesome. Anything and everything that person does is in fact, amazing.
Person 1 - "Holy crap Melissa ! your such a badass !"

Person 2- "Omg ! i know ! I just ate a chip."

Person 1 - "Whoa ! Thats totally badass."
by Melibbaaa March 24, 2009

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