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Generally meaning a male who does things perceived by the world as cool or awesome. Can also be used as an adjective for similar effect.

Unbeknownst to most, the original meaning of badass came from the one and 'Kboss' where all meanings of badass came from. His kidney-stealing antics have given him world wide renown as a badass.
Did you see Rob getting arrested?
Yeah, he was totally being badass!
by alxwill October 05, 2011
8 8
Lauren and Colin
Lauren and Colin are such badasses.
by im_white October 04, 2012
1 2
a man who doesnt care what happens he chooses to go his own way even if it involves breaking a few rules.

insult- oh your badass now.
fake badass insult-man1- yo i just stole the a candy bar from that store

man2.......oh your badass now

bikers such ass hells angels are generally true badasses
by ragggrgrg May 09, 2009
11 12
Someone who is totally awesome. Anything and everything that person does is in fact, amazing.
Person 1 - "Holy crap Melissa ! your such a badass !"

Person 2- "Omg ! i know ! I just ate a chip."

Person 1 - "Whoa ! Thats totally badass."
by Melibbaaa March 24, 2009
10 11
Tower Tycoon Alfred
"Tower Tycoon Alfred is the true definition of a badass! :D"-Officer "Looker"
by Tower Tycoon Alfred January 10, 2012
1 3
A painful medical condition, characterized by inflammation and swelling in the anus or rectum, such as hemorrhoids--also rectal inch. This condition is known to give someone painful flatulence.
I was sitting on the toilet for longer than usual, suffering from a painful case of badass.
by Schmorgel March 11, 2008
29 34
Frank Sinatra will bust a badass cap in your ass.
by MaddiMaddi February 29, 2008
4 9