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Informal way of saying "bad influence".
-Tim and Jack are really bad apples for you.
by Kaduchi August 18, 2009
1. In the classical sense: A criminal beyond rehabilitation

2. In more modern terms: The opposite of apple bottom. A butt that's beyond the point of being nice and shapely and is just plain fat.

1. George got sentenced to a double life term in federal prison. Growing up, people always knew he was a bad apple.

2. Guy 1: Yo, have you seen Kim? She put on mad weight son.
Guy 2: Man, she's sportin' some bad apple.
by Qual April 25, 2006
A female who is very bad at her ways and has a cold heart towards you and break you into pieces no matter if you like her or not worst then a bully more like a rotten soul women who can step all over you.
I went to the store to ask a question I see the women had a bad apple type of behavior to her she can't be trusted what so ever watch out girl.
by Wisdomgirl January 26, 2016
a male with an STD
Girl 1: See that cute guy over there? I'm taking him home tonight.

Girl 2: Don't eat from his tree! He's got bad apples.

Girl 1: Oh sick!! no one likes a bad apple!
by aintthatneat January 01, 2012
a tampon that doesn't get inserted properly. generally, it hurts, so it needs to be removed.
"Hey Annie, can you grab me another tampax? I just got a bad apple."
by loveleeme October 17, 2009
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