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The onomatopoeia representation of someone's gaydar going off.

Note: This term is frequently used as a flame on message boards however; it's usage as an oral taunt is gaining popularity.
Guy 1: Hey, check out that dude's shirt. He must work out.
Guy 2: (stares blankly at friend) *Beep Beep Beep*
Guy 1: Fuck off.
by Qual April 25, 2006
1. In the classical sense: A criminal beyond rehabilitation

2. In more modern terms: The opposite of apple bottom. A butt that's beyond the point of being nice and shapely and is just plain fat.

1. George got sentenced to a double life term in federal prison. Growing up, people always knew he was a bad apple.

2. Guy 1: Yo, have you seen Kim? She put on mad weight son.
Guy 2: Man, she's sportin' some bad apple.
by Qual April 25, 2006
A clothing style akin to that of Pharrell Williams, the hip hop super producer of the Neptunes, including but not limited to: Faux vintage tees, stripped polo shirts, skateboard sneakers, and trucker hats.
Girl #1: Oh, his trucker hat is sooo Pharrellish. I’m gonna get his number!

Girl #2: Not if I get it first.
by Qual October 07, 2006
A homosexual man. Never said to someone's face, only when talking to others, about them.
Sounds like a manbuten to me.
by Qual April 22, 2006

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