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1. the sound and smell made when two overweight (FAT ASS) people fuck.

2. the sound made by a fat woman's pussy when she walks.
1. Did you hear Doc and Ashlyn making bacon??

2. the fat woman's pussy said "baacon, baaacon, baaacon.."
by Gabrielle February 18, 2005
10 43
it means weed , marijuana
yo i smoked some bacon
by ycake90 May 30, 2006
9 46
n. A really fat girl.
Here comes one of the bacons
by Sir C May 07, 2004
3 57
Peace of cow poop
God dammit I stepped in bacon!!!
by Poopstain revenge October 17, 2003
5 67
the gayest gay fag in the world who likes licking fat midget assholes while covering his chode in plasticene while being fucked in the ass by a horny monkey
man anthony bacon who lives at 96 harbour terrace in dunedin is Bacon
by roar April 30, 2005
13 132