Term for a woman's FAT ass. Usually, plump, and has a slight giggle when she walks
"Damn yo, that bitch's got a fat piece of bacon"
by NCSU April 22, 2003
a boy with grey hair prematurly. with an abnormaly large gurth. thinks he is a playa when he shud be chillin with his homegirl. looks wierd on a bike.
bacon has homosexual tendancies
by wooyeah12345 July 21, 2009
A verb of non-definite meaning, although it is probably something peverse.
1. Im gonna bacon you
2. He just baconed her
2. Don't bacon me like that
by Five of Eleven May 10, 2005
Name given to those who sizzle with grease and beg to be braked for
"I Brake for Bacon"
by The NWEB Masters May 21, 2005
A stupid mo'fucker that lives in Lum's closet. Always complaining about his job and bitching about giving away peices of his smokes. He used to reside on the dining room floor but now lives in the storage closer.
You know who is a fuckin tool? Bacon

Hey Bacon, fuck off
by bacon-hater March 10, 2005
Rhyme slang: bacon is short for bacon and eggs, eggs rhymes with leggs
"You keep your pork pies off my trouble’s bacon..."
by rekay March 10, 2005
1. the sound and smell made when two overweight (FAT ASS) people fuck.

2. the sound made by a fat woman's pussy when she walks.
1. Did you hear Doc and Ashlyn making bacon??

2. the fat woman's pussy said "baacon, baaacon, baaacon.."
by Gabrielle February 18, 2005
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