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when having anal sex with a girl and she defecates on the penis while it's inserted into the anus.
i was fucking this girl in asshole so hard she started back tracking on my dick.
by mitchel. February 04, 2009
6 1
When on the computer, you type so fast to someone that when you make a mistake, you instead skip ahead of it and then hold down backspacing instead of pressing the left arrow key
Jim: Why do you type slower than usual?

Bob: Sorry I keep backtracking
by Epicsaur February 10, 2010
4 2
not adding any notches to your belt, but not getting any better. backtracker-the anal cavity.
you cannot be a skank if you are just backtracking.

I backtracked last night-can't shit straight but at least I slept with one less dude.
by rowdy in ri July 03, 2009
4 4