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To betray a friend by doing something "behind their back" that would harm them in any way.
Joe backstabed me when he told Tori about our secret last weekend.
by Salchite March 06, 2005
The football game following Madden 2004. The game added the new "hit-stick" feature and you only have to pay $50 for this great new game!
"Wow I just spent $50 in hopes that Madden 2005 would introduce something more then a new way to "hit" someone."
by Salchite December 09, 2004
Best subwoofers on the market.
Holy shit, those JL's be bumping.
by Salchite February 25, 2005
1. A soft leather slipper traditionally worn by certain Native American peoples.

2. Footwear resembling slippers
Oh my new deer-skin moccasins are so comfortable!
by Salchite March 06, 2005
Another name for moccasin. Usually refers to soft leather slippers.
These mukluks make me feel like I am one with the earth...
by Salchite March 06, 2005
Shoes with grinding plates on the bottom of them. Used to grind down handrails.
Oh my new soap shoes owned that rail.
by Salchite June 04, 2005
To dominate (own) someone so bad it makes them think what the fuck (wtf) just happened.
I wtfown noobs on battlenet all day .
by Salchite December 09, 2004

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