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1. a passenger in the back seat of the car who criticizes the driver

2. anyone who offers unwanted advice
Stop being such a backseat driver. You will only make things worse.
by Light Joker December 14, 2005
a person sitting in the backseat of a car who critcizes the driver's driving.
Who cares if i ran a red light? Stop being a backseat driver.
by Your mom. May 23, 2004
someone who tells their partner what to do during intercourse simular to moaner, screamer, name caller
John: ^_^ knew shed be a name back seat driver
by emmanem June 11, 2005
A person who is sitting in the backseat of the car and is constantly telling the driver what to do.
Hey man you should get in the left lane since your going faster than these other people.
Thanks man, your a good backseat driver and thanks for the tip, I'll get right on that.
by tHe_DarKonE September 07, 2007
That annoying person who sits in the back of the car, pointing out every flaw in your driving and telling you how to drive.
Joe: You just passed Sesame Street, dumbass and maybe next time you should drive slower.
Jane: Stop being a bitchy back seat driver.
by kiarafan April 26, 2010
a sex position involving three people, usually two male and one female. one man enters the girl from behind; she is on her hands and knees. this man holds her hair and controls her head on the third person, who receives oral sex.
Let's just say we were drunk, we ran into her ex, and I was the backseat driver.
by 99escapee January 04, 2011
Sex postion involving three men a women and a car. The woman sits reverse cowgirl on the first man in the middle backseat while giving handjobs too the other 2 guys that are in the driver and passenger seats.
Dude that chick is a total back seat driver, trust me i know from experience
by crackaty January 09, 2011
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