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The part of a man no one should ever have to see. More specifically, the back of a man's scrotum.
Dude, when I was in the locker room today I totally saw some old guy's wrinkly backsack.
by JohnC7 February 16, 2008
Back Sack is the backside of ones scrotum.
A: Yo dog, I can't believe you just ball-tapped me from behind, you got all back-sack.
B: Ew, check out that old guy's back-sack hanging out of his pants.
C: Check out Katz's shaved back-sack.
D: Mom, Jacob put his back-sack on my face.
by J'Nathan Bo'Jingles May 25, 2008
to view testicles from behind usually caught on camera upon showing your friends your arse and leaning a little too far forward
On reviweing holiday pics:
"that was when you got your arse out, whats that dark patch between your legs?"
by Dr Diddy January 21, 2009
an unfourtunate birth defect where instead of having a nutsack next to your tallywacker, you have one on your back
I fell off my bike and my back sack exploded
by ice dragon April 04, 2009
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