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The part of a man no one should ever have to see. More specifically, the back of a man's scrotum.
Dude, when I was in the locker room today I totally saw some old guy's wrinkly backsack.
by JohnC7 February 16, 2008
A combination of the words prick and ditz
Man, that chick is such a pritz!
by JohnC7 August 19, 2005
1. An exclamation used when one is screwed
2. A term originally stolen from a Snickers commercial
3. A good word to use when grumbling about something
Friend: "Dude, you just lost your life-savings on the those stocks!"
You: "Oogley moogley"
by JohnC7 August 19, 2005
Short for Mortal Kombat. The greatest/goriest fighting game series ever!!!
Hey, lets go play some MK!
by JohnC7 August 19, 2005
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