The fat part of a girls back. So when your ridin' her from behind it starts to jiggle.
Man I fucked Megan so hard last night I saw her back fat
by Tracy Barker, Tbark May 27, 2003
Top Definition
What you see when you walk behind a fat chavette wearing a crop top and low slung jeans. Huge rolls of fat will ooze out from all sides; the roll that comes just above her thong is called backfat. It's disgusting, but these girls think they look so good.
Person #1: LOL at the look on the guy behind Mosh Girl's face!
Person #2: He's probably horrified at the sight of all that backfat!
by Lace March 07, 2006
A fat person that has develope back rolls on there back.
"man when i put my bra on. my backfat started hanging from my straps"
by Chavela September 21, 2006
1). The scientific term used to describe fatty desposits in one's lower back. commonly refered to as love handles or clevland steamer

2). The exercize one does to try an decrease the fatty deposits in one's lower back region when the person doesn't know how to say the phrase "Sit Up"
1). Aww man, those chicken parms increased by back fat.

2). -I have to do 3 sets of twenty back fats.
- Your a fucking moron.
by Storytelling Sam January 31, 2006
That cute little pooch that forms around the waist of totally hot chicks.
Virginia Wise has the sexiest back fat
by Fanny Batter July 22, 2005
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