The semen that runs out of a gay man's asshole after anal intercourse.
"Butters, you are such a load of backdraft."

"We identified the 'Rainbow Rapist' after analyzing the victim's backdraft."

"Andrew, your side of the room reeks of backdraft."
by Adam & James April 09, 2006
When someone farts in one room & it follows them into another room.
Sorry, I farted in the bathroom, but I guess I had a backdraft follow me in here.
by Backdraft Brad November 27, 2004
When a woman farts during anal sex. For a select few, this is looked at as something lovely or sexy.
When she farted during anal sex, it turned me on so much that I filled her ass completely.
by Devil January 04, 2004
a sexual act where the man lights his fart and uses the flame to set the woman's pubic hair on fire then uses his skeet or piss to put out the fire.
I backdrafted my girlfriend last night. Woo, it was hot!
by pdz September 27, 2007
the sexual act of covering your partners bum in vasoline and lighting in on fire while having anal sex and extinguishing th flames with the man juice of love
did you here sally and brandon tried to backdraft the other day? no what happened? brandon put the flames of passion out with his man juice.
by youthink September 12, 2007
what you get when you fart against the wind.
"I farted south but unfortunately the wind was blowing north, thus I got a backdraft"
by D. Ferrel September 24, 2003

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