When you attempt to fart, but not enough effort is exerted so the gas bubble creeps or is suctioned back inside. You end up having to wait until it re-forms before being able to expel it.
A: DAMMIT, I got a bad case of backdraft!
Q: What happened?
A: I tried to fart but it crept back inside because I didn't force it hard enough. Now I'm all bloated and constipated-like.
by Rosalie Dawson September 10, 2006
n. The unexpected, but possibly pleasurable release of noxious fumes during a rimjob.
1: O shit I backdrafted!
2: O shit you backdrafted!
by Manhattan Transfer March 23, 2003
A sexual act involving the pouring of a golden, frosty brew down the back of a naughty lady while she is bent over. The resulting river of charm flows down her spine and right into the crack of her ass, exiting right over the cusp of her wet pussy lips, where the other partner is awaiting to drink the sweet stream as is drips and glistens.
This act is usually common among MILFs. The usage of the word "backdraft" denotes the streaming of a "draft" or beer down a hot and horny lady's back.
by D. Cockard May 30, 2009
The uncontrolable suckback of air associated with chugging a carbonated drink too fast.
I pounded a coke and the backdraft was so intense it nearly killed me.
by pete huh January 14, 2006
when you pull your meat out of a girls brown spider and you suck a burp out of her mouth
john pulled his meat out of sherlys brown spider and witch caused a backdraft and sucked a burp out of her
by nolimt3842 October 18, 2009
A sexual act involving pouring a cold brew down the spine of a woman whom is bent over. The beverage continues to flow down the woman's back, through her buttcrack, and, lastly, over her labia minora, where the second involved party drinks the beverage as it spills off of the woman.
The word "backdraft" denotes the pouring of a "draft" or "draught" down a woman's "back."
This act is usually performed in private, but could be a great ice breaker at a swinger's party.
by Ida Rider May 31, 2009
When a girl gives you a blow job on a fire escape of a club in London. But then the girl doesn't want to finish so you blow it on her shoes!

It involves both fires and explosions, just like a real backdraft
Phil: Hey Gary, I heard you got a blow job on the fire escape last night!

Gary: It wasn't just a blow job, Phil, but a backdraft!

Phil: Oh nice, you got it on her shoes!
by Giorgio C. March 24, 2007
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