gargantuan amount of excess blubber on the back, giving the appearance that the person has a pair of jugs growing from the back. admired by some, despised by many.
i was dancing in the club and i caught a glimpse of back tits across the room and almost threw up.
by ssinnerstepss87 August 15, 2007
Top Definition
when a fat hog of a woman has rolls that droop over her bra strap in the back giving the appearance of titties
one time i put my erection in a bitches back titties and back tittie fucked her
by urexcellency May 16, 2003
When a human is so grossly obese that their back fat appears to be a pair of floppy sagging breasts.
Yesterday on the plane I had to sit next to a giant bastard that took up 2 seats and a pair of back tits that would put most women to shame.
by Dizzle September 24, 2002
The rolls of fat that resemble breasts on a fat person's back. Ususally located at each shoulder blade, resembling fat tits on their back.
Dude's got serious back-tits.
by supo pedo June 20, 2006
breast-like material that hangs from the shoulder blades. Usually because of obesity.
Hey Piazza, get away from our lunch table-and stop trying to milk your backtits!
by Adwyth November 15, 2006
A titlike fatpouch hanging from someone's back. Popularly found in morbidly obese individuals.
Whoa, Diana, wear looser clothing. I can see a backtit.
by summers July 17, 2004
when a woman has too much fat that it bulges from her back causing the back tit affect
oh man look at haileys back tits i dont need to reach around the front on her
by andrew whitter September 25, 2008
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