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Baccas can be used in the terminology of "Doggy style" the sex position.
Frank: Yeo the baccas my girl caught last night
Tommy: Say word you had her in that doggy doggy!
John: You got that girl on lock!
by jessie.xo July 18, 2012
rolling tobacco (UK). Used as baccy, in the same context, interchangeably.
Can I use a pinch of your bacca to roll with, please?
by Good Ol Jasper May 10, 2010
Getting a blowjob. Derived from Chewbacca (chewy).
Yo this bitch Rita gives some awesome bacca!
by da bull August 03, 2007
stupid in Japanese
by steve July 04, 2003
a student who has received a baccalaureate.
As far as my academic qualifications are concerned, I must admit without any hestitation that I am a bacca.
by uttam maharjan August 27, 2010