A total pizza-faced asswipe who thinks he's all hot shit. Virtually every art of his body resembles some sort of Italian food, like pizza (stuffed crust, deep-dish, etc.), lasagna, cheesy bread, fettuccine alfredo, and a variety of other extra saucy and cheesy dishes. He also likes to think he's better than you, along with everyone else. People like to make comments on how ass-ugly he is and how its funny how he thinks he's superior.

Also, he has a small penis.
Wow, that babs has tons of acne.

Wow, that babs's penis looks like a tic tac.
by alltheanswers February 02, 2010
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babs = homegirl, the cool girl that chills and everyone likes.
What up babs? as to what babs bunny was to all the other cartoons. babs.
by mikey dav February 26, 2007
Often used in the West Midlands region as a term of endearment, as a way of adressing a person. More commonly used in the north of Birmingham in places like Dudley, Wolverhampton, Chelmsley Wood.
To be said in a Brummie accent "Yam Alrite Bab" or "How you doing Bab" or just plain "Alrite Bab"
by Andrea Connolly April 24, 2008
A less formal version of babe. Referring to the female gender. Mostly to be used with someone your attracted to but not dating.... yet.
OK babs I'll talk to you later.
by da buddman September 15, 2004
Poo, shit, crap, turd.
West yorkshire slang
Oooh, I need a bab.
I've just done a right big bab
by Chris Byrne February 10, 2005
A Bad Ass Bitch, the type of girl that every man wants and few men can handle, women are jealous of and want to be like, and are just plain hardcore sexy ass chicks.
Damn that girl is a BAB, every guy wants to get with her!

I wish I could be as cool as those BAB's, those girls aren't nothin to mess with!
by DaQueenB March 30, 2009
A big breasted woman that is an absolute MILF
Uhhh, look at that Babs over there
by jdizzle7777 September 26, 2005
British acronym standing for Born Again Biker. A person, usually a male in their forties or fifties, who goes through some sort of life crisis and buys themselves a huge, expensive motorcycle together with loads of expensive gear and takes to the road in an attempt to capture their lost youth. This is invariably unsuccessful and many get over it after twelve to eighteen months, some unlucky ones, however, become traffic accident statistics.
Have you heard, Mike's become a BAB and bought himself a huge, fucking Ducati!
by Croatalin December 12, 2013

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