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Not Camp Appropriate, 3 words generally used by counsellors at bible camp to stop doing anything anti-christ.
kid: let's go smoke some weed by the 'jesus loves you' sign.
kid2: sure
counsellor: kids, that is NCA.
by Vampire Ghost October 08, 2006
National Cunt Association.
The union of all rumplefuglies and bitches.

A rumplefugly is an extremely ugly woman who can only be catagorized as an "it".
Guy 1:Hey dude check that chick out! She's ugly as hell!

Guy 2: Yeah, probably a member of the N.C.A.
by BananahammockMo May 18, 2010
No Current Acronym:
In addition to being used as an acronym for a multitude of associations, administrations, academies, assemblies and archives; NCA can simply mean, "No Current Acronym".
The company logo, "NCA" are just letters that have no defined acronym.
by JohnKiv95 September 23, 2005
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